Not only decorative make up can be done with micropigmentation. This treatment can solve also another problems, connected with changes of skin colour:

  • scars (after traumas, crashes, operations)
  • alopecia (absence of hairs in eyebrows, lashes or head zone)
  • vitiligo (depigmentated skin zones)  
  • stretched skin scars

Work in delicate zone of women’s breast also takes place in paramedical micropigmentation. Sometimes after breast implantation there are scars around areola, which can and must be camouflaged with colour of areola, achieving perfect visual effect.
But unfortunately sometimes breast implantation is forced. After mastectomy operations, when breast gland is moved away because of cancer cells presence in it, breast prosthesis is implanted inside. In this case areola is absent. But it can be recreated with 3-dimentional drawing.   
Often ray therapy included into treating process of breast cancer. Complete or particular alopecia (hear loss) can be  the side effect of it. In this case micropigmentation is great decision of problem complex. 


Consulatation (allergy test, make up, explanations)  20 Eur
Scar, acopecia, vitiligo camouflage, areola reconstruction  100 Eur/hour